Tips to aid in Maintaining Tattoo Vibrance

After getting a tattoo, and complete healing you need to learn long-term care. That would include a search for the Best Lotion for Tattoos among other care products. It would be bad to spend so much, and have the tattoo fade after some time.

Keeping the Tattoo Looking as good as New

There are several things one should know soon after, or preferably, before they get a tattoo. Such information is key towards maintaining a good-looking tattoo. So, in case you have little or no information on aftercare, you better delve in. As for those with some information, you might find some extras. Better still, you can refresh on any care tips learnt in the past.

Learn and follow instructions: first, proper healing is essential. That is only achievable by being patient throughout the healing period and doing everything right. As a result, lots of time should be invested in learning aftercare procedures. You need to learn how to wash the tattooed area, what to apply and what not to. Once learned, apply that knowledge thoroughly as mixing up or doing anything wrongly would hinder the healing process. A good starting point is the tattoo parlor. The artist most likely has dealt with dozens of customers in the past. Thus, he/she would be in a position to give detailed and effective home care tips. Next, you can search online. There are plenty of reputable sources that prepare useful content. People share their experiences too, and that would be useful.

Maintain cleanliness: make use of antibacterial, non-alcoholic soaps. They work well in combating bacteria without causing any negative effects. Remember, a tattoo is an open wound like any other. For the first days, you should especially avoid contact. Kids and even friends might be tempted to touch. You too might be tempted to touch or do some picking, especially a few days after healing commences. At no point should you give in to any of those urges. The only time you get to touch that area is when washing, and applying recommended ointments.

Keep off excessive sun and water:  for the first days after getting a tattoo, basking and swimming are out of bounds. Too much sun could lead to blistering, causing irregular healing. As for swimming and bathtubs, they could lead to skin waterlogging which hampers healing as well. Therefore, it is prudent that you wait at least a fortnight before engaging in any of these activities. Even then, you would need a suitable sunscreen. You might need to have some light clothing as well, any time you go out basking. Also, take caution not to fall to the temptation of aiding the scabs when they start coming off.

Maintaining moisture levels: lotion suitable for tattoos should be used often, yet sparingly. The main goal is keeping the tattooed area well moisturized. Just like the knees and elbows fade fast so do tattoos. Since such areas need constant moisturization, tattoos are no exception. In the long run lotion keeps the skin supple while keeping aging in check. Too much of it though, would lead to excess moisture and pore blocking.

What lotion do I use?

Lubriderm is among the best tattoo lotions available in the market. The fragrant free lotion has undergone many tests and proven suitable for first timers as well those who are adding onto their tattoo numbers. Vitamin B5 present in the lotion speeds up healing while glycerin aids in keeping up moisture levels at optimum. Basically, when choosing a suitable lotion, one should look out for ingredients that would be irritating to sensitive skin. Therefore, should you get some lotion and after application itching starts, get rid of it fast. Then, wash it off completely under running water or use non-alcoholic antibacterial soap.


Now your questions on whether to use lotion or not are properly answered. By now, you also know when to start using lotion. Keep learning and if it does not feel right always feel free to ask, fast.